Thanks so much for wanting to join us in the Feminine Leadership Challenge! Please give us your email below and we'll put you on the waitlist for our next round.

Thanks so much for wanting to join us in the Feminine Leadership Challenge!

Please give us your email below and we'll put you on the waitlist for our next round.

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LIVE 5-Day Challenge

for Impact - Driven Leaders

For Impact - Driven Leaders who are ready to make a bigger impact and create more ease, freedom and prosperity in their lives.
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Are you a source of empowerment for others?


Do people come to you because you offer a different perspective?


For an empowering way of looking at their lives, relationships, money or business?

Have you embraced that you are here to share your gifts, and be a fearless, bold leader?

Are you doing this already? Steady in your commitment to your vision and taking consistent action to be the feminine, integrated leader that you are?


I can relate, I’ve always been the person people turn to for advice or to get another perspective. It was natural that I became a coach and I was very good at it, but I wasn’t able to have the freedom and lifestyle I wanted with what I was charging, even with a full practice.

I am so hard on myself and I take everything so seriously, so it was good to learn to be softer on myself and give myself a break.

Rebecca Pash, Health Coach & Challenge Participant






When I stopped playing small, my life stopped being small. I became fearless in my leadership, bold in my truth telling.  Every conversation I had was powerful. Soon I could see my clients getting bigger results faster than they could believe. Many of them doubled and tripled their income in just a few months (or less). 


No, it wasn’t because I got famous or had 10k followers.  Things shifted because my energy shifted, from one of caring what my clients thought about me to making serving them the best way I knew how my top priority. 


I understood that I cannot serve everyone and trying to make my work accessible to everyone was hurting me and keeping my soulmate clients from me as well. 


I hired a powerful coach to support me in my leadership and help me stay true to my values and desires for more freedom, love, ease and prosperity


I became masterful in my craft, embodying the truth teller and empowering my clients to live and create their wildest dreams. Their results were incredible and I was feeling fulfilled.

Within a few weeks of working with Jamie, I reached a monthly income that I never thought possible, and I started to coach more fearlessly. Part of that was working on my limiting money beliefs. In my experience, talking about money brings up a lot of shame. But because Jamie stayed true to herself and gave me so much space to discover what was really going on, I grew in so many ways.

- Jennifer Witte, Empowerment & Mindfulness Coach

When a client wanted to stop a coaching program in the middle I told her she could but she would forfeit her remaining sessions (as this was our agreement when we started). Instead, we faced her resistance head-on and she thanked me for staying true to myself for months afterwards. That process allowed her to grow in ways she never would have been able to if I had let her quit when she felt challenged. 


Clients and friends started calling me the Queen of Boundaries, saying I changed their lives and telling others the same.


But even more powerful, their friends and family saw how they transformed. There was no denying that they were different, prioritizing their needs, caring less what other people thought of them, and being more choosy in who and where they spend their time and energy. They were clearly more confident.

I started to charge my real prices, and my soulmate clients were happy to pay. Strong referrals were rolling in, and my clients renewed their packages again and again.









Make a bigger impact? 


Feel more sure and confident in who you are and how you lead? 


Build a life that is fulfilling and full of pleasure, ease and exploration?


Get paid what you want and deserve?

If so, then this challenge is for you.


It’s the perfect way to make small yet powerful changes in your internal and external environments that will create lasting, positive change in the way you show up in your life.



Women who have taken this challenge have called it:




The Feminine Leadership Challenge is for any person who wants to step more fully into compassionate and bold leadership and create bigger results in your life and in the life of those you lead.



✘ Believing others limiting stories about how they can’t change their life’s circumstances, or that they can’t afford something

✘ Getting sucked into other people's victim mindset and feeding it with your sympathy 

✘ Playing it small and staying quiet because you’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings

Jamie truly believes in the unique powers of women and helps you as a woman to see them as well.

Anna Zimmerman, Holistic Biz Guide

Here’s what living in and moving deeper into this next-level paradigm looks like.



✘ You care what other people think of you, your lack of “Realism” or “Logic”.

✘ You wish people didn’t think you’re weird, crazy or "out-there".

✘ You think being polite, sweet and perceived as nice and making people happy is how you help them.

✘ You tiptoe around what you want. You’re unsure if you can have it.

✘ You think you’re alone. Just you and your beliefs and business.



✔ You’re a trailblazer. A natural leader and paradigm shifter.

✔ You take it as a compliment when people see that you don’t fit in.

✔ You understand that being the truth teller is how you empower your clients to rise to their potential.

✔ You declare loudly what you want and go out and create it.

✔ You know that you need consistent support to grow, uplevel and create magic.

Jamie is the best coach I’ve had so far. She’s also my idol in setting boundaries. Since working together my self-talk is more friendly and loving. I appreciate my work much more and because of that, I’ve doubled my income in just a few months. Jamie’s work is visionary.

Larissa Hauser, Life Coach and Coaching School Founder

At the end of this challenge you will:

✔ Embody the difference between pleasing and empowering 

✔ Be more confident about who you are right now

✔ Trust your actions and won’t second guess yourself when someone says “no”

✔ Feel more confident about making offers and charging your real prices 

✔ Be kinder to yourself and more aware of how awesome you’re doing!

Working with Jamie I’ve learned the Power of showing up, really listening and taking leadership. I’ve built a resilience that is pretty incredible.

There’s been a paradigm shift from pushing, to ease, inviting and offering. Feeling like I can give generously, noticing Jamie’s example. and seeing how I can be more generous with myself, with my time and slowing down.

I’ve upleveled in my honesty in all my relationships. There is a new level of directness that is easy and kind. My truth telling ability has grown. There’s more discernment about who I want to work with, who I want to be friends with, who I want to make love with.

I’ve had to consider deeply: What does it mean to be "in service"? Thinking about service this way has shifted the way I look at the worth of what I’m doing. Before there was a struggle of needing to prove myself or being concerned about selling or thinking "are going to come?"  I don’t just wait for things to come anymore, I’m proactive about it.

Elana Karen Leopold, Somatic Movement Teacher & Coach

We’re here to:

✔ Think BIG and see the potential in yourself and in your clients 

✔ Take ACTION towards the lifestyle, love and prosperity you truly want

✔ Seek EASE & PLEASURE in everything you do, no more hustle and grind or pushing to create your dreams

 CREATE MAGIC together by resourcing our feminine power



 Challenge categories include:

✔ Confidence & Self-Talk 

✔ Money Mindset

✔ Feminine Leadership

Hi, I’m Jamie! 

What I love most is to be surrounded by other paradigm shifting leaders who are making huge waves of positive impact on the lives, relationships and businesses of those they lead. 

Working with these transformational leaders is my passion and bringing out the most empowered versions of them is my zone of genius. 

I’ve been through it all, being an employee and building 2 businesses from the ground up, working in-person and online, succeeding and falling. My resilience and commitment to more freedom, space, ease and pleasure is what has created my success. Being a Feminine Leader is what I’m most proud of. What keeps me going are the results I see in my clients lives, their expansion and their commitment to service. 

I’ve created this challenge to support you in expanding more fully into the embodied leader you are here to be. You won’t be the first to take this challenge and you will not be the last. By signing up, you’re joining a movement of truth tellers, tough-question askers, fearless leaders who create ripple effects that currently you can only dream of, but don’t worry, you can create that reality! This is a great place to start.

I’ve built a thriving 6-figure business and founded the Sacred Business Academy as a culmination of everything I have learned about compassionate leadership, or what I call Feminine Leadership and business in the last 15 years of professional experience as an artist manager and producer, biz dev professional, relationship coach for life and business, workshop facilitator, coach trainer, yoga teacher, tao-tantric arts facilitator and rebirthing breathworker.  

It’s my honor to facilitate this challenge and invite you to contribute to the magic, growth and empowerment of all who join and the global collective we positively impact.

I can’t wait to meet you inside the challenge!

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